Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Twins

Well not exactly. One was the bunk/loft and the other the queen floor plans.

That's a lot of room for 18 feet. You can see that in the video:


  1. How much for one of the twins?

  2. Thanks for the question.
    Base price begins at $14,500.
    Gold doorknobs are bit extra.

  3. I love the exterior design & the interior seemed really nice. Although the video was creative, it really didn't capture what the house looks like inside. All of the break aways and fade from one still picture to the next, you only get a slight glimpse. Not complaining mind you,I just am waiting for a real look inside. I will be checking back soon to see if this is the plan for me.

    I also, absolutely love the exterior look of the little cottage looking camper. I would like to see a bigger one of these as well.

    Do the VILLA STYLE HOMES have lofting areas? Could there be?

    I love the idea of having a home that looks like totally looks unlike a trailer. With creative placement of raised flower beds as well as faux boulders I think you have a trailer that looks like a little cottage out back. If there is a video out there that I missed please do let me know.

  4. Okay, I LOVE the floor plan! Please disregard my previous comment. Apparently, I just needed to pause it, now & again. then I got a look at the floor plan.

    Really a fresh look on the tiny house designs...

    Still would love to hear more about the villas and cottages. 18 - 22 ft. You think it could be done to look as you have it?

  5. Katieanne
    Wow I just saw comments. So I apologize for just now responding. But to answer the "last" question, yes. I am certain that it can be done to look as I have it. BTW, LOVE your enthusiasm!